Franck Adrian Holzkamp

Composer, Pianist & Conductor

Born in 1966, he took private composition lessons when still at school. After his school leaving examination he attended the Music Academy in Detmold. As a student he participated several times in the International Chain Festival and also received - among other prizes – the composition sponsorship award Mozart ´91. As a composer and conductor he achieved several awards.

Up to now, Holzkamp has composed four symphonies, one Sinfonietta, one Children´s Symphony (in three happy movements), various concertos, choral music, chamber and piano music, stage and film music. His operas are Casanova – or: The Mature Chant, Haarmann – a German Singspiel and The Labyrinth – The Magic Flute, Part Two; a Requiem and the symphonic fantasy Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights are among his further works.

In 2000, he was awarded a second prize for his string quartet Slow Air For Lost Lovers and in 2017, when again participating in the composers´ competition of Harmonia Classic Vienna he earned the first prize for his Moment Musical (for clarinet and piano). Both award-winning works, beside his Sonata in G and his Casanova-Suite, were published in the series Beyond the Waves by Musikproduktion Höflich München

On the occasion of the Finnish National Jubilee in 2017, Holzkamp composed Haavoittunut Enkeli/The Wounded Angela concerto for viola. In 2018 he completed his string trio Auf d´Nacht – ossia: Divertimento bavarese.


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